An easy, innovative, and comprehensive way to study God and the Bible

The Bible is God’s messages to his people. But it is quite lengthy and complex and you need not understand it in its entirety to have a relationship with God. This app will guide you through the essentials. By spending just four minutes a day studying it, you will learn WHO God is, WHY he created us, HOW he wants to be in relationship with us and WHAT he promises us in return.

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How It Works

Read/Listen to Monthly Intros

The first monthly study lays out the plot of the Bible. The next 11 monthly Studies, each cover a vital aspect of our relationship with God, such as how to abide, pray, and partner with him. Each month has a go-to encapsulating verse to remind us how to live out this vital aspect of our relationship with him.

Read/Listen to Daily Studies

Each Daily study contains a title, a signature verse, an explanation which is rich with scripture, and key takeaways. These monthly themes and daily studies build upon one another, so take them in order.

About Us

The Four Minute Bible Ministry is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide engaging digital bible studies for people who are unfamiliar with or relatively new to the Bible for the purpose of helping them seek a genuine relationship with Jesus Christ.

Our primary means to do this is to deliver the Bible’s overarching messages in a compelling, yet easy to understand manner that takes a minimal commitment of time. Our unique digital approach is designed from top to bottom to accomplish two things for its readers: grow their confidence in the value of the Bible and its Gospel message and enhance their personal relationship with God.

We are dedicated to reaching people who are seeking God, but are uncertain about Christianity, unfamiliar with the Bible, or skeptical about religion. We also are dedicated to people who believe in Jesus but who do not go to church, who have left the church, or are Bible apprentices going to church.

Our studies are intended to not only teach the Bible, but to teach readers how to interpret the Bible on their own. And all scripture is quoted from the easy to understand, reliable NIV ® Bible which has over 450 Million copies in print.

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